Use Topical Hemp Extract to Help these Five Skin Conditions

Being the largest organ in the human body, and the first line of defense against viruses and harmful bacteria, our skin is something that we have to pay attention to in terms of care. There are plenty of skin treatment medications available out there that can be prescribed to you by a dermatologist. However, some treatments may work better than others and some people might not even be satisfied with the effect of the medication. This has led to the rise in number of people who are turning to alternative solutions in treating skin problems which include Topical Hemp Extract.

Our skin is the outermost layer which covers our entire body encasing the muscles, bones, and our vital organs. Thanks to its water-resistant properties, our skin prevents us from losing too much moisture allowing our bodies to regulate and insulate its core temperature. Skin also helps in absorbing vital nutrients including Vitamins B and D and oxygen.

CBD, the active ingredient found in Hemp Extract, is seen as a significant alternative in terms of relieving skin conditions. CBD is very effective when it is ingested orally and without the effect of being high as with other products. In skin treatment, it is ideal to use something applied to the skin directly such as Topical Hemp Extract. Through skin treatment, Topical Hemp Extract can help in alleviating these five skin conditions.

  1. Acne – This problem is common among teens which is normal but it can happen at any stage in life and as an adult, having acne can really affect one’s self-esteem and confidence in a significant way. Many treatments for acne can be harsh on the skin. The use of Topical Hemp Extract on the skin has been found to decrease the harshness in one’s acne.
  2. Rashes and Extreme Dry Skin – Products that contain CBD have also been found to help skin that is suffering from rashes and extreme dryness including eczema. When skin becomes irritated, it likely develops into this problem The oil harvested from hemp has been found to help in soothing skin that has been irritated and regular use helps calm down flare-ups and dryness.
  3. Flakes and Patches – Having red patches can become itchy and at times even painful. A small red lesion can develop into full-coverage of your limbs making the skin dry and cracked. The application of topical hemp extract helps in moisturizing the skin easing the symptoms of flakiness and patchy skin.
  4. Bug Bites and Itchiness – Since CBD helps in calming skin that has been inflamed and is itchy, applying topical hemp extract can help in alleviating the itchiness and inflammation that is brought about by bug bites and the seasons.
  5. Sores and Bumps – People with skin that is sensitive and fair may find themselves suffering from redness and bumps on the face. These flare-ups which are akin to rosacea can be managed with the use of Topical Hemp Extract to relieve symptoms along with having a healthy diet and lifestyle.