When & Where


4/18 Friday: Dabroots! 4PM-Midnight.

4/19 Saturday: Dabroots! 1-10PM. Late Nights from 10PM-1AM at same location.

4/20 Sunday: Dabroots! 1-10PM. Late Nights from 10PM-1AM at same location.


Denver, Colorado

– Dabroots Festival (1630 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO)

– Grassroots Flagship Store (2209 Larimer St. Denver, CO)


What are the age restrictions?

Dabroots is a 21+ event. ID will be required to enter the event.

I lost my ID! Will I be able to get in?

Dabroots requires that a state-issued photo ID be presented at doors. In the absence of a drivers license, a military ID or passport may be used. Birth certificates and school IDs will not be accepted.

Will there be transportation provided to Dabroots?

Yes. Transportation will be provided by The Rasta Bus. There will be 4-5 stops, in loops of about an hour around downtown Denver. More information to come.

Will there be smoking at Dabroots?

As pertaining to Colorado law, it is illegal to consume marijuana in any public places.

Can I participate in the Dabroots festival if I am from out of state?

Absolutely. Everyone 21+ is welcome.

Can I attend Dabroots if I am under the age of 21 and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian?

No. Due to state laws and the nature of the festival, everyone must be over the age of 21.