3 Questions to Ask a Marijuana Potting Soil Provider

Buying marijuana potting soil may look like a straightforward process at the surface, but it is so much more complex to those who understand the gravity of it.

It’s because cannabis soil basically lays the foundation for your cannabis grow. It provides sustenance, protection and habitation that your marijuana seed starters from the get go. If the soil isn’t friendly to your marijuana seeds, then no matter how many hours of sunlight they receive or how much water you give to them, they simply won’t respond to the care you’re offering them. cannabis soil

Therefore, whenever you are in the process of buying cannabis soil, make sure that you keep the following points in mind.




Is Your Marijuana Potting Soil Organic?

While a simple question at the surface, it goes a long way into eradicating any non-reliable providers from the start. If the offered soil is not organic marijuana soil, then there’s no point in continuing the discussion at all.

It’s because non-natural soil or one that has been “enhanced” in effects through chemical processes doesn’t really yield good results in the long run. Instead, the harmful chemicals start showing their effects on the plants and their consumers.

On the other hand, organic cannabis soil ensures that it provides nutrition and protection to your grow in a completely natural and healthy manner.


What is the pH Level of Your Soil?

According to experts in cannabis horticulture, the ideal pH level for cannabis potting soil is 6. This lands it on the pH scale as being “slightly acidic”.

If the cannabis soil doesn’t have this desired pH level of 6, then it wouldn’t have the ability provide a habitable environment to your grow.

Therefore, make sure that the answer to this falls across the ranges of a pH Level of 6. The variations could be ranging from pH Levels of 5.5 to 6.5. However, make sure that it doesn’t fall below this scale.


Do You Have Cannabis Living Soil?

Cannabis living soil is organic cannabis soil with natural microorganisms in it. This type of soil, through its microorganisms, ensures that your grow gets optimal nutrition. It also makes sure that your cannabis seeds or plant remain safe of any harm due to the microorganisms performing their natural function of protecting it.

When you water your plants or let them have optimal exposure to sunlight, these microorganisms start breaking down the nutrients to let them have optimal nourishment. This ensures high yields that would otherwise not be possible.

All of this is achieved through non-chemical processes. This makes sure that your marijuana plants are healthier, and so are the products that are made from them.


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